5 Smells & What They Can Tell You About Your Car

3 May 2017
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Your sense of smell can tell you a lot about your vehicle. Following are six smells and what they can tell you about the mechanical condition of your car. Gas Smelling fuel in your car's interior could have an innocuous explanation such as getting fuel on your feet while gassing up at a service station. But don't dismiss it lightly -- it could be the first sign of a serious issue. Read More 

4 Ways To Care For Your Car’s Brakes

7 October 2015
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Need to save a bit of cash on your car maintenance needs? Perhaps one of the best ways to go about doing so is to simply take care of your brakes. Although there is much to be said about how you go about replacing your brakes, and what sort of money you're willing to invest them, there's also something to be said about taking care of them. A careful person who is willing to take good care of their car's brakes will find that they can last upwards of tens of thousands of miles. Read More