How And Why To Seek Out Incremental Car Repairs

28 June 2017
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Incremental car repairs can save you a bundle on your vehicle maintenance. This guide will help you understand how and why to take this auto repair strategy.

What Are Incremental Repairs?

Incremental repairs for vehicles mean that you try and find the least expensive solution first. There are often multiple possible fixes for an auto repair issue, but focusing on the least-expensive approach may solve many car issues without the headache of major repair bills.

An Example of Incremental Repairs

Imagine that you go to the shop because your car won't start or has died on the road. Your mechanic reads the codes and suspects that there is an issue with either your battery or your alternator (or inverter for a hybrid vehicle). Do you try replacing the much cheaper battery to see if that solves the problem, expecting to come back and replace the alternator later if your car dies again? Or do you jump straight to the much more expensive repair of the alternator? It really depends on your knowledge of the vehicle and the advice your mechanic gives you.

Finding the Right Mechanic

The thing is that some auto shops will recommend the more expensive repair only, both to prevent their own liability and to bring in more revenue for themselves. That's why it's a good idea to get multiple estimates for your vehicle and see what different mechanics suggest you do. Along with that, do your own research on the problem and bring up ideas with your mechanic to see if they are a viable fix for your car. You can up your savings on car repairs even further by using used auto parts for replacement parts wherever possible.

When Should You Not Look for Incremental Repairs?

Of course, sometimes it's better to put forth the money the first time around for auto repairs. If the issue is one that could potentially be dangerous, such as something that could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, definitely get a comprehensive repair on your first mechanic visit. And if you're eager to not visit the mechanic again in the near future and you can afford to spend the money on a more expensive repair, then by all means; it's often a good thing to have newer car parts installed in the vehicle. The choice of doing incremental repairs simply gives you the option to do troubleshooting and get your car up and running again at an affordable price.

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